MediaSight is a New York based company that develops Digital Signage Middleware, Network Management products and DC Media™ Digital Signage software.

At MediaSight Inc. we focus on producing quality and innovative Digital Signage technology that makes digital communication easier and cost effective. DC Media is built on 13 years of experience and technology development, our customers benefit from robust and flexible product with an architecture that ensures ongoing expansion and development of the prod

Vertical Market Applications
MediaSight Incorporated manufactures a host of applications, from Flight Information Displays, Transit Signage, Retail Signage to Meeting Room Management and Corporate Digital Signage. The Products are also scalable to appeal to any size business.

Digital Signage Networking
With products like DSMAP and The Digital Signage Network Manager, DC Media is able to be applied to a multitude of signage markets and will even take over and run existing networks. Built in Satellite distribution and encrypted proof of play reporting are just a few of the features available.
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